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Free Origami Printable, Calendars and Worksheets

Origami CrabWhen in need of a great way to keep the kids entertained due to bad weather or just trying to keep them from being bored you’ll find great crafts for them to do.

They have a great time with free printables such as origami printable fun that will allow them to make dog, cats, flowers, swing sets, and so much more.

They’ll be able to cut the origami printable of their choice out and turn it into a work of art.

They might also enjoy the free printable weekly calendars or the printable daily calendars that will help them to learn the months as well as the days of the week.

They might choose to add their family members birthdays to the calendars with a little help from a grown up.

There are also free printable birthday cards that any one of any age can use to wish their special someone a happy birthday.

You’ll find cards that are perfect for children of all ages as well as adults both male and female.

The graphics on the cards are cute and sweet making them as much fun to receive as they are to give.


Origami Dog Craft Horse Origami Crafts Origami Lily Flower Origami Jack-O' Lantern Origami Swing Set Craft


To provide the children with a little education mixed with a lot of fun there are free printable math worksheets that will help them with their math, coloring, writing, matching skills and so much more.

They’ll have a great time and not even know that they are learning.

Let free printables turn a boring day into a fun day and turn learning into entertainment.

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