Origami Little Crab

Whether as a fun activity for your students or kids, it's always cool to learn how to create new things. Origami projects for kids are great for helping children to learn hand and eye coordination, and are great for parents who dislike the mess associated with most crafts. Simply put, origami is the Japanese art of making items of folded paper, and to a person skilled in the craft it is an art, and worthy of respect as such. Children have a tendency to gravitate toward origami project because they are easy to complete, and the finished items look as though they require much more skill to finish than they actually did. After learning a particular project, kids have the ability to create a neat craft item at any time or place, simply by folding a piece of paper. Use this free printable origami little crab craft to get started. 

Origami Little Crab
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A child that is new to origami may have to repeat the pattern 2 or 3 times to get the folds correct, but any initial frustration will be replaced by joy when they get it right. Get started on making origami patterns like a dog, a tulip, a whale, a horse, a sunflower, a bear, a yacht, a grasshopper, a cat, a goldfish, a fox, a penguin, a rabbit, a panda, an owl, a monkey, a frog, an elephant, and a turtle. Kids can learn about a different type of art they are curious about. It doesn't matter what their skill level, only if they are interested in doing an art project. Origami projects can be fun for a group of kids to do. This is a great project to plan ahead for a rainy day, so you have something ready when a rainy day appears and things look gloomy. Download and print this Origami Little Crab.


Cute crab creature! Printable Origami Little Crab 


Origami is the simple art of paper folding to make all sorts of items, especially lots of animals. It comes from Japan. There are very simple origami forms and then there are more advanced origami forms that are quite intricate. You would be quite surprised just how quickly children can pick up on this art, and how fast they can learn advanced forms when they show an interest. There are even origami clubs, through Origami USA. Use these crafts for day care, entertaining bored or ill children, rainy days, long car rides, camping trips, picnic table crafts, scout, church, office waiting room activities, get-togethers, parties, birthday activities, holiday festivals and more. Downlaod and print as many as you need. They are all free!

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