Flower Name Tags

We've designed these name badges for use in schools or parties - to name children, or children's possessions! We've got some that you can write yourself, and others with handwriting lines so that younger children can write their own names on the badges. You could print the badges onto sticker paper and cut them out. A cheaper option would be to print onto card and attach with a safety pin. Obviously if you are using the name badges to mark possessions, you should use the most appropriate glue to attach them. These templates features many pretty flower name tags.  It's super simple to customize and even easier to print. Try it out now and let us know if you need any help!

Flower Name Tags
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It's just one of those mundane chores that needs to be done, labeling every article of clothing, towel, backpack and object that will travel with your child to camp or back to school in the hopes that when it inevitably gets lost it will find its way home to you. Nothing's going to make this job fun, but we've rounded up the whole range of different ways you can label your kid's clothing from the beautiful embroidered labels to fun, colorful ones, to ones you can make at home. This template features a flower name tag. Othe items in this category are also super easy to access, simply choose your template and hit the print button!


Flower Name Tags for any event


These flower name tags can be used in corporate, casual, and educational settings to identify participants. Teachers often place name tags on the backs of children on the first day of school to make identifying and learning new children's names quicker and easier.  Free printable name tags can be found in a variety of styles and can be printed from your home computer at less cost than purchasing them at the store. You can customize them to your liking, or just print it out.




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