Treasure Chest Coloring Sheets

Many children request theme parties for their birthdays. One of the most popular themes is a pirate theme; however, the cost for a pirate party can be astronomical due to costumes, invitations and decorations. With a few simple cost-cutting techniques, you can throw a fun, affordable pirate themed birthday or simply fun and exciting coloring sheets as an activity. Print this printable treasure chest coloring sheets for students for Pirate Day. Have your students customize this coloring sheet with their own added treasures. Simply download and print to get started!

Treasure Chest Coloring Sheets
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Dig up a fortune of colors with these Treasure Chest Coloring Sheets


For most kids, pirates have always been pretty cool. Then the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise hit and everyone was seeing pirates. While, the interest may have waned some now that the movies have come to an end, many kids would love nothing more than to be a pirate. If your kid is one of them, check out these printable pirate treasure maps and coloring pages. Have your child color in these Treasure Chest Coloring Sheets which features a full chest of golds coins. We are sure your child will have a golden time coloring these templates. Download and print today!


Treasure Chest Coloring Sheets


Pirates are popular and it is likely that they will be wanted for Halloween decorations and Halloween coloring sheets. They may also be wanted because of the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or because of local festivals where pirates are popular. This means that is likely that free pirate coloring sheets will be needed. Here are some free Coloring Pages that have pictures of pirates busts, the skull and crossbones symbol, treasure chest coloring sheets and a pirate ship. Simply choose your template, download and hit the print button! It's fast, easy and most of all, free!



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