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Handmade Party Invitations – Your Kids (And You) Will Love Creating

Party invitation templateNowadays there is a celebration for almost every occasion or event in our life. And to commemorate these occasions, there is no better way to set the tone and spread the word about your party than with our Free Printable party invitations.

In order to make your party really shine, the best time to stand out and start making a difference is from the time you begin inviting guests.

Instead of using ordinary cards to invite guests, why not go for a do-it-yourself  handmade party invitations. This can be a lot of fun for the kids (and You) and this will also add that wow factor for your special guests.

You may be wondering at this point on how do you get started. Well, It is very easy. offers a large variety of party invitation templates that you can download. There are many templates for you to customize and to use in making your very spacial card.

The biggest advantage comes because you can get your children involved in making the cards. This is a great exercise for boosting the creativity in your children minds, as well as keeping them busy and having them participate in something constructive.

Our party invitation templates are a total life-saver for parents everywhere. With hundreds of invitations ready to download, you can be sure to find a theme that your child will love.

All our invitations are super easy to tweak with your child’s name, age and party details. You can even add your child’s picture to the invitation, to give it that personalized look! Your kid will feel like a star when they hand out their invitations complete with their picture, to all his friends and classmates.

Not all places online where you can download party invitation templates, will offer this level of customization.

Here are a few tips you can use to choose a website from where you can download the best party invitations templates.

1. Take into consideration the cost of the templates

In order to save money while planning your party, you should always look for a website that will allow you download the handmade party invitation templates at affordable rates. (Our Template will always be free.) You can easily do this when you carry out your own research online.


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While trying to compare the prices of premium templates, you should also try to figure out if their are any hidden charges that may apply. Most times these hidden charges can easily lead you to paying too much for your invitations. This practice is commonly known and drip pricing.

2. Variety of the party invitations templates available on the website

The best websites from where you can download party invitation templates from should have a large enough variety so you can choose the best. If possible you should compare the different templates available, before you decide to download. (We have a super large gallery of designs, and continue to add more.)

This is where you can get all the family members involved in the decision of what to choose. This will help make the perfect decision on the best template that will wow the guests to your party. It is also easy for you to decide on a template that will be unique.

3. Check on the quality of the templates that you will download

In order to maintain first impressions, be sure to check for the high quality of the cards and a website that will offer you quality templates. You can easily see whether a website is able to offer you quality downloadable cards simply by downloading samples and check on their quality. (We offer quality printable templates with fast download speeds)

Good quality invitations are necessary because going for low quality can easily lead to failing to impress the guests. The best place to get quality downloadable party invitations from should always offer you quick download time for high quality cards.

Final Thoughts

We take pride in the way our printable system work. You will be able to personalize your own invitation, or if you find one that suits your liking, simply send to print. Our customization tool will allow you to add that personal touch to your invite. You can print as many copies as you want. Choose from an array of colors, designs, concepts, themes.

Search our free printable party invitations range today!

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