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Printable Lined Paper for Classroom Use

printable lined paper
Blank Music Sheets

When you teach, you need to find amazing resources for your students at little to no cost.

School budgets are tight, and your own budget probably doesn’t allow much wiggle room, either.

At, we know how hard teachers work to find great tools to use in the classroom, and we want to be your go-to resource for activities, crafts, worksheets and papers to help you achieve your goals for the school year.

Among our free miscellaneous printables, you’ll find printable papers, graphs and name tags — all items that teachers need at some time or other!

These resources are free and can be printed and reprinted as much as you’d like. Save them, share them, spread the word!

Get Creative With Our Free Printable Paper

What type of free printable paper do you need for your classroom?

Bricked Graph Paper

Perhaps you can use our bricked paper to have your students write a journal entry about “walls” they’ve put up in their own lives to protect their emotions.

Generic Spreadsheet

Allow your students to split up in groups and create a spreadsheet to track the expenses for a mock grocery store.

Survey Printed Paper

Have your students create a survey that measures satisfaction with a popular product or service that the school offers and have them rate their experiences from -10 (very dissatisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied).

Spreadsheet Paper

There are so many possible uses for these spreadsheets and papers that you’re sure to think up plenty of creative activities to go along with them.

Printable Lined Paper for Students

One of the most popular types of printable paper used in the classroom is the printable lined paper.

printable lined paper
Writing Practice

This can be used for many different things such as practice form and structure of letters in the lower grades to keeping spelling words and definitions separated in the higher grades.

Another great function for this particular printable is to allow your students to create their own songs.

printable lined paper
Music Practice

The printable paper features five lines — the same number of lines on traditional sheet music.

Have them label the lines according to the treble clef (E, G, B, D, F or Every Good Boy Does Fine as a mnemonic device).

The spaces between the lines should be labeled F, A, C, E. Using recorders, harmonicas or a similar instrument, have them create simple songs in music class.

Alternatively, if you like to create music yourself, you can write out the notes to your very own song, distribute it to the students and have them play it.

This sheet is particularly useful for band teachers who may need many different sheets to compose the parts for melody or harmony for all the different instruments.

No matter how you use our printable sheets — to create a song, create a poem or create your own tools — we hope that our printables help you along the way.

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