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Free Printable Thank You Cards: Don’t Forget to Say Thanks

free printable thank you cardsMind Your Manners with Our Free Thank You Cards

Too often today, we forget to say thank you for gifts and kind gestures. It’s unintentional, of course.

We don’t mean to be ungrateful; we just get so busy and caught up in our own lives and our many obligations that manners seem to fly out the window.

Don’t let that happen to you and your children. Keep the tradition of saying thank you alive and well by using our free printable cards to express your thanks.

There are also cards for all other occasions, including birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other major holidays. For many of these holidays, you or your child will receive gifts.

Before you or your child get caught up in using the new toy, electronic device, game or other gift, sit down and jot a quick thank you note on one of our cards.

You don’t have to write a long, sentimental note. Just a few lines will do to let that person know that you appreciate their thoughts and their gift.

Floral Thank You Card

Words Cannot Express The Gratitude I Feel For Being Patient With Me In All Life’s Ordeals

Whimsical Printable Thank You Cards to Express Gratitude

What’s your style? Whether it’s fun and playful or serious and sophisticated, we have a free printable thank you card that’s suitable for all occasions.

We have cards featuring flowers, bright colors, butterflies, jungle animals and more!

The best part is that all of our cards can be customized before you even print them out.

If you’re handwriting isn’t the best, this is a wonderful option for writing a beautiful, neat thank you card.

Just click the “customize” button under any of our printables to be taken to the customization page. Here, you can add text or pictures to make your card even more special.

When Should You Send a Thank You Card?

Are you wondering when you should send thank you cards? The answer is any time! You don’t need to receive a gift to want to say thanks with a card like this blue thank you card.

Perhaps you want to thank your mother for all she’s done for you, or thank your mail delivery person for a job well done.

There are so many reasons to say thank you, and here are just a handful!

Say thank you when:

  • You receive a gift.
  • You receive flowers.
  • Someone offers you a kind gesture.
  • Someone makes an impression on you.
  • You receive money.
  • Your child receives a gift.
  • You want to acknowledge someone’s hard work.
  • Someone treats you to a meal.
  • Someone gives you a ride.
  • A friend lets you borrow something.
  • After job interviews.
  • When someone makes a positive impact on your life.

You may be able to think of many more occasions for sending thank you notes. Receiving one is always wonderful because it means the recipient acknowledges and appreciates your gift.

The golden rule for thank you notes is to handwrite them.

So, even if your handwriting is poor and you want to type out your message, you should still write out a couple of lines to make it personal.

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