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Free Telling Time Worksheets: Learn to Tell The Time With Our Practice Worksheets

Tell The Time WorksheetsFree Printable Learn to Tell The Time Worksheets

Help your students learn all about telling the time. Help them with the hours with this free ‚Äúlearning about hour time” worksheet for kids.

Telling the time is one of those things that people take for granted. It’s not something we think about much, but it can be really hard to learn – especially if you have dyslexia or ADHD.

If your child struggles with telling the time, these free worksheets are a great way to help them practice and enjoy learning this essential skill!

How To Tell The Time On An Analog Clock

After kids have learned how to tell the time on a digital clock, it’s time to move on to an analog one.

It can be really difficult for kids if they’re not used to telling the time on this type of clock so you might need to spend some extra time practising.

This worksheet features a series of clocks with different times all over them. Your child has to shade in the part of each clock that has been shaded in for their time.

If you’re struggling, print off our free worksheets and use a real analog clock to help them out!

Analog Practice Sheets

telling time by the hourWrite The Time By The Hour

Writing the digital time from the pictures in the analog clock.

The first step to telling the time is mastering time telling by the hour. Start by explaining the hour hand.

The easiest way to do this is to pick a clock with an hour hand and start there.

Your child will find clocks with big numbers easy to read and will help them understand the hour numbering system.

I recommend this o’clock time worksheet, which only has hour examples, for them as a starting point.

Time worksheet with alarm clocksTell The Time Practice Worksheet: Write Down The Time On The Clock

Learn how to write down the digital time. The first example is (1:00).

Use this practice sheet that also includes many examples with minutes.

Help them learn the addition concept of the minute hand. For example, what’s the difference between 11:00 and 11:15?

The best way to learn is by jumping straight into teaching them about telling the time by using these analog clock diagrams.

What Time Is ItFree Printable What Time Is It? Draw the Time on the Clock

Our telling-the-time worksheets are a perfect way for kids to learn what they need to do step by step.

In this example, we find the opposite of the last two worksheets.

Have your students read the digital time under the image and draw the hands on the analog clock face.

Print out the practice worksheet and ask your child to follow along.

After they’ve drawn on the time, you can color the clock face together so they can see what it should look like at the end.

What Time Is ItDraw a Line Between the Matching Analog Times

On this worksheet, children are asked to observe carefully the clock face and the written time.

Then draw a line from each written time statement to the correct time on the clock face.

This is a great introduction to working with clocks, so it’s worth doing regularly until your child can answer all of the questions in no time at all.

You could also print out as many of these worksheets as you want and ask your child to follow along. Great practice sheet for using analog time.

After they’ve connected each time in the example, you can have some fun and color in the clock faces together.

Teach Kids Telling Time by The Hour Hand

The first step to telling the time is mastering telling by the hour hand. The easiest way is to pick a clock with an hour’s hand and start there. It can be a real struggle initially, but you’ll get there eventually.

Clocks with hands are great for this, but you can also practice telling the time on digital clocks.

It’s good to start with an analog clock because it’s easier to count each hour by hand, but after your child has mastered that skill you can carry on practicing using both types of clock.

More analog lessons for Telling the time.

Telling Time by Minutes

The next step to telling the time is mastering telling by minutes. This is a little more difficult, but it also allows for variability.

Depending on the time, you can say “it’s ten minutes after or till..” or “it’s 7:30.” This is really useful for later telling time.

Telling by Minutes – 5-Minute Increments

It’s five minutes past…(or to)

Start by saying “It’s five minutes past.”  Then say “the hour” (for example, if it’s 7:10, you’d say “It’s five minutes past the hour of 7.”) Or 5 past 7

Telling by Minutes – 10-Minute Increments

It’s ten minutes after/to the hour

For the more standard method of telling time (at least for this part), you’ll start by saying “it’s ten minutes past” or “it’s ten minutes too.”

Then say “the hour.” (For example, if it’s 7:10, you’d say “It’s ten minutes past the hour of 7.”)

Telling by Minutes – 15-Minute Increments

It’s fifteen minutes after or to the hour. (Also referred to as quarter)

Start by saying “it’s fifteen minutes past” or “it’s fifteen minutes to.” Or by saying “it’s quarter past” or “it’s quarter to.”

Telling by Minutes – 20-Minute Increments

It’s twenty minutes after or to the hour

You’ll start by saying “it’s twenty minutes past” or “it’s twenty minutes too.”

Then say “the hour.” (For example, if it’s 9:20, you’d say “It’s twenty minutes past the hour.”) Or Twenty past nine.

Telling by Minutes – 25-Minute Increments

It’s twenty-five minutes past or to the hour

This one is just like telling time in twenty-five-minute increments.

Telling by Minutes – 30-Minute Increments

It’s thirty minutes past the hour, or half past the hour.

Start by saying “it’s thirty minutes past” or “it’s thirty minutes to.”

Or by saying “it’s half past the hour hand.”

Free Telling Time Practice Worksheets

Finally: Telling Time Worksheets

If you’re looking for ways to improve your child’s understanding of time, or if they are struggling with telling the time in relation to minutes and seconds, these free Telling Time Worksheets can help.

These worksheets will be a great resource for students who need extra practice recognizing how the hours, minutes, and seconds work on both types of clocks.

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