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Connect the dots dogConnect the Dots to Reveal the Animal

As a teacher you’re always looking for ways to help you teach your students more effectively.

Sometimes the traditional methods of teaching are not enough to get through to a student who needs more than what they can give in the classroom.

At free printable we have started stocking up on instructional coloring pages.

These particular handouts instruct children to connect the dots in a numbered order.

This way, children can practice tracing lines and following instructions while also learning about colors and shapes.

Connect dots worksheetFree Printable Connect the Dots Coloring Worksheet

Connect the dot coloring pages are a great way to practice fine motor skills and teach children about following instructions.

They require tracing lines and staying within the borders.

The pictures that result after completing all of the steps often end up looking like an incredible piece of art!

Connect the dots and colorFree Printable Connect the Dots and Color

This animal connect-the-dots coloring page is a great tool to use with your students that will help them practice their counting skills.

Learn math and develop their fine motor skills all at the same time.

Some children struggle with focusing on tasks.

This is why our connect the dots worksheets are such a great way to help students learn how to remain on task.

Elephant coloringFree Printable Connect-the-Dots Elephant Coloring Page

The best part about this activity is that there are no right or wrong answers!

It’s a perfect way to work on those basic math concepts without the pressure of being right.

Guiding them to follow through with the instructions, even if those instructions seem somewhat tedious or repetitive.

It’s not always easy to find the time for creativity, but it is absolutely necessary.

connect dots togetherFree Printable Connect Dots Together Coloring Worksheet

Creativity fuels innovation and progress.

It sparks positive change in our lives, helps us grow as individuals, and makes life more enjoyable.

Working with teachers every day, we know how much they love to have fun and creative activities for their students.

We’ve put together a list of our more of our favorite connect-the-dots coloring pages that are perfect to use as teaching tools.

We need to find time for creativity, innovation and progress that sparks positive change in the lives of our students.

This helps us grow as individuals, and makes life more enjoyable.

Wrapping up Connect the Dots Coloring Pages

We offer opportunities for teachers to find materials that will help them teach their students.

One resource you can turn to are coloring pages, which incorporate numbers and shapes in addition to the traditional tasks like staying within borders.

These types of handouts also require children to follow instructions step by step, teaching them about perseverance as well as patience with repetitive tasks.

We hope you found this article helpful. Keep an eye out for our next instructional or fun activity idea for your students.

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