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Coloring Pages – Color your Marine Life

free printable whale coloring sheetMarine Life Coloring Pages

Teachers, are your students learning about marine life in school?

Parents, do you have a child who loves all kinds of sea creatures?

Both teachers and parents will find a wonderful selection of animal coloring pages right here at

Coloring pages are an excellent way to incorporate a little fun into learning, especially when children spend most of their day reading textbooks and listening to lectures.

Coloring provides a creative outlet and allows a child’s brain to process the information that was just learned by completing a hands on activity.

Here are just a few of the free coloring sheets you’ll find to use in your classroom or home.

Octopus Coloring Sheet

Octopus Coloring pageOur free printable octopus coloring sheet features a simple drawing of an octopus that will allow students to use their imaginations while coloring it.

It can be any color they’d like – something imaginative or true to nature. Students will love coloring while learning about this eight legged sea creature.

Fun fact: Did you know that an octopus’s ink serves many purposes?

First, when it ejects the ink, it propels the octopus forward to help it escape predators quicker.

It also distracts the animal hunting it and the ink may affect the animal’s sense of sight or smell. When it clouds the water, it gives the octopus a chance to escape.

Seal Coloring Sheet

Seal Coloring pageThis free printable seal coloring sheet is actually two sheets in one!

At the top, you’ll find an adult and a baby shark while at the bottom you’ll find an adult and baby seal.

Seals are among children’s favorite sea creatures because they’re incredibly playful. Many of your students will have seen a seal before at a zoo or water park.

As your students color, have them recount their stories of seeing seals.

Whale Coloring Sheet

Whales are very interesting sea mammals. They have excellent communication systems, using their loud whale calls to communicate with other whales in the area.

WhaleKids are particularly interested in these animals because they’re so large. This free printable whale coloring sheet can be customized to add blank spaces for the student’s name and date.

You could also add a couple of fun whale facts to the sheet, too. Here’s one to get you started: The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever existed, and the biggest one was 98 feet long and weighed more than 190 tons.

Although many people think of the whale as a fish, it is not. It is a mammal, just like us humans.

So there you have three free printable coloring pages to use with your sea animal lessons.

We hope that your students or your children as much as we have enjoyed creating and providing them for you.

Remember, when learning is fun, information is better retained.

Use coloring sheets and other hands on activities whenever possible to encourage students to love learning.

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By Jenny Printable

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