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5 Effective Ways to Get Kids Eating Well With Our Healthy Foods Worksheets

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Most parents need to deal with picky eaters and it’s almost impossible to get kids eating healthy foods.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you could trick your kids into eating those undesirable, yet nutritious foods.

Here are some of them.

1. Introduce New Foods Slowly

Most kids have a “food phobia,” and that’s the reason why it’s always a challenge to make them eat healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

You could always tell them that their taste buds aren’t used to the new flavors yet, but they’ll eventually like the taste if they’re going to eat it regularly.

Likewise, you could also try the “hero worship technique.”

For instance, say that their favorite superhero or celebrity loves eating this vegetable and that’s the reason why they’re strong and big.

2. Sprinkle Some Sugar Or Honey

A little amount of sugar or honey could do wonders. You could sprinkle some honey on cooked carrots and this could probably make your little angel try this vegetable.

Similarly, by mixing a little amount of root beer into prune juice, you could come up with a prune-juice soda that your kids would definitely love.

The extra sweetness could really help in persuading your kids to eat healthy.

3. Let The Kids Cook Some Foods

Sometimes, being involved in the preparation and cooking process could actually motivate your kids to try the healthy meals you’ve prepared, because they’ll be very much interested in trying the dishes they made.

Bring them to the store with you and let them pick the ingredients. If they’re old enough, you could let them slice the veggies and mix these healthy bits in the salad.

Similarly, some kids don’t enjoy eating fresh fruits, but you could always bake some pastries together and use these as the main ingredients, such as banana or carrot muffins.

4. Cut Back On Junk In The Cupboard

It’s you who’s in charge of the foods that enter the house and not your kids.

The most common reason why your kids have an unhealthy habit is because these unhealthy foods are always available.

If you’ll stop buying them, your children would be forced to eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other dairy products that are good for the body.

The Sneaky Chef: Book

5. Allow Treats Every Now and Then

If you’ll let your kids enjoy the foods they love every now and then, this would make it more appealing and not forbidden.

Candy, cookies, and soda could be labeled as “sometimes” foods which they could consume every once in a while.

Download A Healthy Food Printable To Teach Kids Which Foods Are Healthy To Eat

Green vegetable - green onion
Green vegetable - artichoke
Green vegetable - Lettuce
Green Vegetable - celery
Green vegetable - broccoli
Green Vegetable - Bok Choy
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How To Start Healthy Eating Habits?

Healthy eating is not a chore for your children who grow up eating healthy, so start good eating habits early.

If it’s to late, perhaps start thinking of healthy eating as an adventure rather than as a diet.

Find foods that are fun and tasty, and let the kid participate in preparing the food. That way you can add some excitement to this new thing you want them to do.

The more creative a meal is, the more chances that your kids would enjoy eating them. Like making smiley-face pancakes and giving the vegetables silly names. Or using cookie cutters to turn foods into their favorite shapes.

Fun Foods That Are healthy And Fun

Teaching your children healthy habits as soon as possible is one of the best things that you can do. It’s never to late to give them the tools for a healthy life. Make it fun and the habits will become second nature.

Smile Face Fruit Snack

On a round plate we are going to use some fruit to create a happy smiley face on the plate.

You could use a bunch of grape for hair. Some slices of kiwi for eyes. A strawberry would make a great nose, and a banana for a great big smile.

Turn it into a game. What else can the children make with the remaining fruit? Before cobbling it all up.

Home Made Lemonade Drink

An easy to make lemonade mix that you can tailor individual tastes. You control the amount of sugar compared to regular lemonade.

Combine fresh squeezed lemon juice, water, and sugar and stir vigorously until mixed. Add in sliced fruits and ice, them pour immediately into cold glasses. Serve with a spoon so they can eat the fruit after the lemonade is gone.

Peanut Butter and Apple Wrap

Use a soft tortilla wrap and spread on some crunchy peanut butter. Then add some apple slices onto the peanut butter. Roll the tortillas tightly, tucking ends inside the wrap. Cut in half.

Wrap with plastic wrap as a lunch time snack.

Stealthy Spaghetti Sauce

If your children don’t want to try new vegetables and don’t like the look (or taste/texture) of zucchini or eggplant.

Serve it to them by stealth. Packed inside of a spaghetti Sauce. The sauce is a great place for hiding all sorts of vegetables. Blend up or grate all kinds of veges. They won’t even know.

You can change the vegetables you puree into the sauce depending on your child’s tastes. Carrot, zucchini, eggplant, snow peas, green beans, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Just puree and in it goes.

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