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Following Directions Worksheet for Young Students

following directions worksheetTeach Students to Follow Directions

For teachers, getting students to follow directions isn’t always easy, especially with young children who may not have had a lot of structure at home.

Throughout the year, you’ll be working on skills that will help them follow directions better.

In the meantime, we have a lot of valuable resources for both teachers and students in our free printable lesson plans.

Because we grew up in families with teachers, we know how important it is for teachers to be able to find quality teaching materials at an affordable price.

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Classroom Lessons for Elementary Teachers

We strongly believe that the elementary school years are the formative years for students, and that’s why many of our printables are aimed at those younger children.

We also believe strongly that education can be fun – colorful, even – and our free products are designed with that principle in mind.

The great thing about our printables is that you can print several related sheets if you want to do a theme, or a single sheet for a quick activity to get the creative and critical thinking juices flowing.

Because our free printable classroom lessons are both fun and educational, you may want to keep several printouts on hand to give to students when they have downtime.

For example, when you give an exam, some students will finish much more quickly than others will. You don’t want those students to stare at their pencils all that time!

Whether you’re teaching the alphabet or multiplication tables, there are loads of printables to choose from to reinforce those fundamental skills.

Following Directions Worksheet for Elementary Students

Our following directions worksheet is a lot of fun for students and teachers alike. Students are given a sheet with 10 steps to complete, but if they read the instructions carefully, they’ll find that they only need to complete one step.

Of course, many students don’t read the directions at all and will just begin completing each step! The directions clearly state to read all questions carefully before beginning.

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If the student does this, he or she will just write their name on the top of the sheet and turn it in.

For students who don’t read all 10 questions first, they’ll be clapping, waving their hands around in the air and talking to their neighbors.

It’s a lot of fun to see who’s paying attention and who isn’t. Even though it’s fun, it reinforces the important concept of looking over directions first to ensure that you’re completing your work as you should.

It’s an essential skill as a student but will serve them when they enter the work force as well.

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