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Free Printable Crafts to Do with Children When the Weather is Cold

Free Printable Paper CraftsFree Printable Paper Crafts For Winter Holidays

Can you believe that summer will soon come to an end and fall will be here?

I don’t know about where you’re located, but here, you can feel that crisp edge to the air in the mornings now indicating that fall is on its way.

In preparation for those chilly mornings and cool days, you need to get some free printable crafts lined up to do with your children when the weather isn’t cooperative for outdoor play.

If you need some ideas to help you get crafty, check out!

From games, to crafts, to worksheets and cards, we have you covered when it comes to affordable entertainment.

Paper Crafts for Affordable Fun

Do you have children who love to create things? If so, encourage that creative spark! We have a number of activities designed with children like them in mind.

We have paper dolls, boxes, origami and more in our free printable paper crafts and kids activities category.

These are designed to let your child have hands-on fun while working on creative and critical thinking skills.

Our paper doll crafts are a favorite among children, and we have everything from soldiers to firefighters and maids.

There’s no need to pay for expensive craft kits at the store when you can print them out at home for free with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Watch your children carefully when they’re completing any crafts that involve scissors and cutting.

For safety reasons, you may want to invest in several pairs of child safety scissors to allow them to take part in the snipping fun without worrying about nicks and cuts from traditional scissors.

Younger children may need help with cutting along the lines.

Learn to Draw with Our Free Printable Crafts Tutorials

Drawing is an excellent indoor activity! If you have a little budding artist on your hands, try some of our drawing tutorials like this free printable draw a bat worksheet.

It’s here just in time for Halloween, meaning your child will have loads of fun drawing bats for his teachers and friends during the month of October.

This tutorial will take you and your child step by step through a simple procedure to help you draw a bat. It’s much easier than it looks!

Get a pencil in hand and just follow along with the drawings. You’ll need a pencil because there are bits that you’ll need to erase for the finishing picture.

After your child has drawn the bat, let her color it, too. While bats are traditionally black, there are also brown ones, gray ones and even white (albino) bats.

Of course, your child may color it pink or purple or orange! That’s okay, too. The point of the activity is to encourage creative thinking.

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Tip: To keep our tutorial craft sheets looking good and easily reusable, put them in plastic sheet protectors in a crafts binder.

Label the sheets by holidays, and your child will be able to find them whenever the urge to draw strikes!

Christmas CelebrationsFree Printable Cards and Crafts This Holidays

It was the day before Christmas, and everywhere in the house were stunningly made paper-based crafts, with some created with a mouse.

A computer mouse that is.

The fireplace was adorned with beautiful printable seasons greetings cards; in the hopes that a card from St Nicholas would be there as well.

Free printable seasons greetings cards were beautifully hung by the chimney; in hopes that little a card from St Nicholas’ would also be there.

Tis the holiday season where wonderful, wintry wonders are all around us. Twinkling lights, beautiful music and free printable sentiments of the season help make the holiday season extra bright.

Wonderfully creative sentiments like personalized invitations are perfect ways to lighten the hearts of those we appreciate.

Creating free printable crafts for the holidays is not only super fun, but is now easier than ever on our website.

A Letter to Santa
Santa Claus Draw and Write Worksheet
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Christmas Connect the Dots Handwriting Worksheet
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Free Personalized Invitations For the Winter Holiday Celebrations

Free printable and personalized invitations help us to reach out to those we treasure with creative and happy messages.

Creating your own free invitations is an exciting way to add that personal touch these special holiday’s.

A place where celebrations on the road to happy memories being made.

Simply visit our site, select your favorite free and easy to download printables this Christmas.

Choose a craft, game, invitation and other jolly selections to design any way you like.

Personalize with favorite holiday touches then print for free in the comfort of your own home.

Everyone loves snowmen and reindeer to make invitations bright.

It is like having your very own incredible, holiday stationery store right at your creative fingertips.

Kids from ages 1 to 92 will love crafting for the holidays.

There is always plenty of holiday cheer to go around when creating favorite invitations and crafts at 

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Winter is a great time to get crafty! We hope this article has given you some great ideas, and that you use our free, printable activities to help you get started.

Making paper snowflakes is a classic winter craft. All you need is some paper, scissors, and a bit of creativity!

Another fun winter craft is making ice lanterns. You can use simple water balloons to make beautiful, translucent lanterns that will light up your yard or garden.

If you’re looking for a project that the whole family can participate in, try making gingerbread houses!

There’s no need to buy expensive kits – just use your imagination and some candy from the grocery store.

We have written a few different articles elated to crafting. Check them out below.

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