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Free Printable Graph Paper – Practical and Creative Uses

free printable graph paperFree Printable Graph Paper to Use in Class

Students are getting into the swing of things in their math classes now.

Soon, some of them will be covering graphs, coordinates and the like.

Rather than running out and buying specialty paper, check out all the tools we have available at!

In addition to graph paper, we have paper for creating spreadsheets, tracking expenses or creating rating scales.

We also have a handy section for creating nametags in our free miscellaneous printables category.

Check out all we have to offer; you’ll be surprised at the number of worksheets, crafts and activities that will be helpful to you in school.

Varieties of Free Printable Graph Paper

Did you know that there are many different types of graph paper? We have several types according to your needs in class.

In our free printable graph paper, we have number graph paper, 5×5 paper, diamond line graph paper, blue graph paper and much more.

We even have simple dotted line paper to eliminate those pesky gridlines that can sometimes distract the eye from the point of the graph.

In addition to being of practical use in the classroom and for homework activities, our graph papers can be used creatively, too.

Want to know how? Keep reading!

Free Printable Graph Paper for Crafts

The line graph paper worksheet is among our most popular downloads for graph paper. It’s the traditional type of paper you expect to see in a math class, but its uses don’t stop there!

Here are just a few ways that you can make use of graph paper outside the classroom.

  • Scrapbooking – Graph paper makes great scrapbook paper, because not only is it colorful, but the dots and lines help for portioning out pages and placing elements perfectly straight.
  • Wrapping gifts – Have a nerd in your life? Wrapping a gift in graph paper is a great way to make your gift stand out and grab his attention.
  • Book covers – Do you have a lackluster book lying around? Create your own book cover to protect it! Wrap the outside layer in graph paper for a brand new look. You may also want to consider putting a plastic protective covering over it.
  • Picture framing – Graph paper is great to get pictures that are smaller than a frame perfectly straight on a page. It also makes an interesting backdrop for many types of pictures.
  • Sketching – If you’re trying to learn how to draw, you’ll find graph paper to be incredibly handy for drawing. It will help you balance your images by providing set lines and points of reference.
  • Regular math problems – For those with sloppy handwriting, graph paper can help make your writing more manageable. When you’re working out your problems, place one number in each box. This ensures you have enough space between your numbers to make your writing legible.
  • Word Finds – Have the students use them in their language, reading or spelling classes to create their own word find puzzles. They can then exchange puzzles with other students for a challenging activity.

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