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Top 5 Homeschooling Hacks For Stay At Home Parents

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Since the global pandemic disrupted our lives. Many parents have found themselves at home alongside their children during school time.

Most parents will tell you, that being with the kids 24/7 is stressful enough. However, when you have the added pressure of having to also be their school teacher, life just gets more complicated.

So if you are one of the thousands of families that have found themselves in this position of homeschooling the kids in a Pandemic, the hacks below will certainly be helpful.

1. Consistency is Crucial

It may sound simple but it really is essential to create some structure to the day. All kids need a consistent routine and they thrive because of it.

  • Ensure the kids wake up the same time every morning.
  • Start the homeschooling lessons at the same time everyday, if it is possible.
  • Only work for an hour at a time then give yourself and the kids a break.

This will ensure that your patience stays intact and you will get the chance during these breaks to do things that you need to do. IE: emails, put on a load of washing, have another cup of coffee. You get the idea.

2. One Subject a Day

Schooling at home does not mean that you need to replicate the school environment.

  • I recommend that you teach only one subject per day.

This is especially so when you are schooling multiple kids at different year levels. This way all the focus is on one subject and there is no other distractions.

Works great with 5 subjects and 5 days.

3. Outdoor Learning

Once again there is no need to replicate the classroom with all the learning done at a desk in a chair.

  • Change up the learning environment. Take the kids outside to learn. Read books under a tree, recite math equations playing on the swings.

When kids are enjoying themselves, positive play and learning become complimentary.

And in addition to that, sunshine and fresh air is good for the mind body and soul.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Homeschooling the kids is stressful. But it does not have to be. Don’t burden yourself with great expectations as this will only lead to disappointment.

  • Be prepared to experience days of frustration, days with disruption, days with lack of motivation.

This is all very common. Everyone will experience the same feelings as you. You are not alone.

Give yourself a bit of kindness, be patient with yourself (and the kids) and treat yourself to some sort of reward at the end of the day.

Or the end of the week or both. You deserve it

5. Delegate Duties

This is one of my favorite homeschool hacks. DELEGATION

You are not a super hero. You can’t do everything.

You can’t successfully manage the household, work from home, teach the kids and maintain healthy relationships if you try to do it all yourself.

You need to delegate some of the responsibilities and duties to other members of your family and friendship groups.

Ask for help from your partner with the cooking and cleaning, ask friends to take care of the kids for a few hours so you can check your emails and do work.

Spread out the workload and allow yourself to breathe a little more without feeling like your going to explode under the pressure.

By delegating and lightening your workload, you will be happier, have more energy and feel empowered. Both you and your family will appreciate it.

Hopefully, you can implement these 5 helpful hacks into your home, I guarantee if you do you will thank yourself and your kids will appreciate it too. For further homeschool tips and hacks.

They will help to alleviate some of the stress and bring a little more harmony and happiness into the home.

Otherwise you may end up looking and feeling like this at the end of each day. And we sure want to avoid that.

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