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Math Drills Worksheets to Download Now

Having math drills worksheets is a fantastic way to help children learn while teaching them valuable parts of math.

Instead of investing hundreds of dollars into workbooks for all your students, these free printables are a better alternative.

Each of these worksheets has plenty of great details for all students, from telling time to addition.

Math Drills Worksheets

Let’s look at some of the best math drills worksheets you can print for extra practice.

These are specifically designed for learners of every age. You’ll also find they accommodate lesson plans while also being great activities for independent study.

These printables are ideal whether you’re a teacher or a parent looking to expand on school-taught lessons.

We’ve found plenty of extraordinary color and black-and-white math drill worksheets that you can print.

What Time Is It?

what time is it math drill

Telling time is one of the fundamental skills children need to learn while in school. It will help them in their everyday lives, but it can also expand on other areas of math.

For example, telling time is known to assist with addition and subtraction.

With this worksheet, you can easily transform an ordinary activity into a competitive math drill.

You’ll find nine individual clocks on the page with their times noted underneath the blank clock face.

Students will then have to draw the hour and minute hands to correspond with the time under each clock.

It’ll help make this a timed test to put your students’ minds to work.

Whoever completes the drill first can be rewarded or declared the winner of the challenge.

Alternatively, you can use it as a regular worksheet for an in-class activity or homework.

Let’s Color the Ordinal Number Names

Ordinal number name and color math drills

This worksheet is one of our favorites because it combines reading comprehension with mathematics.

It’s an activity that keeps kids entertained, especially as it combines single-digit numbers and two-digit numbers.

Instead of simply scribbling numbers on paper, they’ll have to use colored pencils or crayons to create a piece of art.

You’ll find a blank ice cream cone on the page with this worksheet. To the left of the ice cream, there are several sentences describing the purpose of each scoop. For example, “Color the fourth scoop pink.”

Students will be responsible for using mental math strategies to follow the written instructions to color the ice cream cone.

It’s an excellent way to understand ordinal numbers while also putting their creativity to use.

Let’s Add-Up These Combination of Sets

Combination of sets - combine the number of sets together and draw the next set

Understanding sets and pairs is another essential facet of mathematics that kids can learn at earlier ages.

With this worksheet, teachers and parents can teach the importance of grouping items.

These skills will be fundamental not only in everyday life but also in other subjects, such as science.

On the math worksheet, you’ll find three separate rows of boxes for easy-to-read practice drills.

The first two rows contain a certain number of items, with the third row filled with empty boxes.

Students are to combine the first two rows and fill out the third row with the correct grouping of items.

It’s a relatively concentrated practice, but it also makes a fantastic math drill to give your students additional practice.

Also, it’s a full-color worksheet, which is sure to grab their attention when it’s handed out.

You’ll find each row of combinations increases in difficulty, making it a great training option.

Let’s Compare Numbers: Less Than, Greater Than, Equal To

comparing numbers

One area of mathematics that students need consistent practice in is understanding less than, greater than, and equal to.

This fundamental skill is essential for continuing their math learning, especially when identifying numbers.

With the help of this math drill worksheet, students will be able to test their learned abilities simpler.

The worksheet is relatively easy-to-follow, with empty boxes in the center of the page and numbers on either side of the box.

Students will have to identify whether the number on the left is greater than, less than, or equal to the number on the right.

They’ll need to write the corresponding symbol within the blank box to continue to the next question.

Answer The Question: 10 Greater Than, Lower Than, or Equal To Quiz

Lower or greater numbers math drills

If you’re introducing math drills to your class for the first time, it can be good to introduce them in test format.

With this worksheet, you can give your students options for practice that they would answer like a math test. They have to write “Yes” or “No” based on whether the sentence is mathematically accurate.

For example, “Is 42 greater than 43?” is a straightforward question that your students can answer quickly.

This is one of our favorite math drill worksheets because of how simple it’s designed.

Also, it engages your students’ critical thinking skills, which is an essential skill needed for getting plenty of practice.

Complete with the “Name” and “Date” fields at the top of the page, this worksheet is ready for the classroom and at-home activities.

Odd Even Worksheet

color the even numbers -  math drill

The “Odd Even Worksheet” is a top choice as another fantastic worksheet that offers practice until students master their skills.

It features a friendly octopus on the page which children will have to color based on the numbered tentacles. Half of the tentacles feature odd numbers, while the other half feature even numbers.

Your students will have to color all odd-numbered tentacles a specific color while doing the same for even numbers.

To take the challenge a step further, students will also need to write the even and odd numbers at the bottom of the page.

This worksheet is remarkable for its creativity, but it also helps to reinforce learning.

By having to rewrite the odd and even numbers, your students will have to reflect on their answers. It’s a great way to combine math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a single drill.

Name the Polygon Question Worksheet

name the polygons - math drill

The last math drill worksheet we highly recommend is the “Name the Polygon” worksheet. It’s very straightforward, as all your students have to do is label each polygon by name.

You’ll find six different shapes on the page, each easily identifiable.

You can also customize this project by either having your students name each shape or color them to corresponding colors. Like many of the other worksheets on this list, this page is ready to print.

Other Great Options for All-Grade Math Activities

You can download a few other great worksheets for vertical subtraction, multiplication fact practice, and other practice charts.

Collecting all of the K-high school math worksheets can help you get a stack of practice pages for free.

Some of our top-recommended sheets for basic math skills include:

Multiplication Worksheets

Getting meaningful multiplication practice is essential for every growing student.

These five-minute multiplication practice drills are bound to be fun for kids to enjoy.

Also, it helps to reinforce multiplication facts fluency practice, which is essential for every learner.

School Essentials and Supplies

Addition Worksheets

Addition is one of the fundamental mastery levels all students need to consider.

With these speed drills, you can guarantee your students’ recall speed will be greatly increased.

Also, it’s a great way to help them meet their personal accuracy goal with math.

Subtraction Worksheets

Being able to print subtraction worksheets can give your students essential practice opportunities.

Equally as important as addition, developing a subtraction strategy is something all students need.

Let’s look at some of the top worksheets for this area of math.

Final Thoughts

Teachers and parents hunting for math drills worksheets will find fantastic options in this list.

There are many choices with creative tasks that focus primarily on math and straightforward question-and-answer worksheets.

Also, as all of these pages are entirely free, all you have to do is print them when you need a new activity for your class.