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My Body Parts – Parts of the Body Worksheets for Kids (Something for Every Stage)

 Parts of the FaceParts of the Face Worksheet

Studying the various parts of the human body is something that most students do from preschool to their senior year in high school, and even beyond.

Therefore, if you want students to develop an evolved understanding of the body and how it works, you must teach them new information about the body each and every school year.

In addition to books, videos, pictures, and other materials, printable worksheets are an excellent method of teaching students and homeschooled children about the body. All the while reinforcing what they’ve learned in the past.

That said, here is a list of customizable printable worksheets that will allow you to work with students at every stage of understanding and development.

Human Body Worksheet for kindergarten

parts of my bodyYoung Human Body Worksheet

Teach your preschoolers how to recognize the various parts of their growing bodies.

This fun worksheet encourages students to learn the parts of the body and their proper names by asking them to check the pictures that include parts of the human body only.

The worksheet features knees, hands, fishtails, and more.

Body Worksheets For Preschool Children

Human Body Parts WorksheetRecognize Human Body Parts

Perfect for preschool and kindergartners who are just learning about the body.

This printable worksheet encourages young students to identify all of the most commonly known parts of the body.

The worksheet features a joyful child with a series of body parts listed around him.

Kids will love to show what they know about the body by drawing a line from the parts to their proper names.

Worksheets for Primary School

Body parts kidsMy Body Parts Kids Worksheet

Great for younger students, this worksheet encourages literacy while also teaching them about parts of the body.

Choosing words from the word bank to complete the sentences, will help younger students to reinforce things they’ve learned about the nose, feet, hands, mouth, tongue, and eyes.

body movementLearn Body Parts Movement

This worksheet is perfect for slightly older grade school students who already have a basic understanding of the basic parts of the body and how they work.

Also encouraging literacy and reading comprehension, this worksheet asks students to read each sentence and check only the boxes next to the statements that are true.

This is a quick and easy method of reinforcing the information students have already learned about the body.

Body Changes as We GrowBody Changes as We Grow Worksheet

Also great for slightly older grade school students, this worksheet offers a quick and easy way to review various facts about the body.

By requesting students to mark each statement as “true” or “false”, this will allow teachers to assess how much students have learned about the body as well as their reading and comprehension skills.

Body groomingBody grooming Worksheet For Primary Kids)

Stepping things up a notch, this entertaining worksheet reminds students about what is needed to groom and maintain the body.

By including a series of objects that need to be connected to various grooming behaviors, students will learn not only how to groom their bodies, but also the tools they need to perform each activity.

Body Parts Function TestBody Parts Function Test Yourself for Primary

A simple “true” or “false” worksheet helps students further develop their cognitive abilities. This worksheet tests older primary school students by having them label somewhat tricky statements.

It encourages them to reflect on the various parts of the body, and how they function and interact with one another, by having them label each statement with a check or an X.

Advanced Topics For Middle School

Body SystemsBody Systems and Functions For Middle School

If you need a worksheet for middle-aged school students, this is the perfect option.

This worksheet delves into the various systems of the body and asks students to match each term with the statement that describes what the system is used for.

parts of the eyeParts of the Eye For Middle School

Arguably the most important of the five senses is the eyes. Learn the technical terms for the different parts of the eye.

The part names give students clues as to the different functions of our eyes.

This worksheet indicates various systems of the eye and asks students to match each term with the part of the eye that describes what the system is used for.

Skeletal systemsParts of The Human Skeletal System

There are 206 bones in the human skeletal system. The axial skeleton contains the bones in the head, neck, and trunk.

The appendicular skeleton contains the bones in the arms and legs.

The students will truly enjoy learning about the different parts of the body with our detailed worksheet for middle school students.

School Essentials and Supplies

Brain systemsParts of the Brain and Functions

Help inquisitive minds identify the parts of the brain through this in-depth worksheet. They will learn the function of each part.

The students will truly enjoy learning with this printable worksheet for middle-aged school students.


Part of the BodyPart of the Body Activities Fun Facts Crossword

Part of the Body Activities (Fun facts crossword):

Lastly, this is a fun crossword puzzle that is perfect for older students who have learned a lot about the body over the years.

This crossword puzzle lists descriptions of various parts of the body and leaves it up to the student to fill in the proper label for each one.


Overall, if you are looking for parts of the body worksheets for students, this list offers great options for students of all ages. Be sure to download, print, and customize them as you wish!

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