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Wedding Invitations – Our Free Templates for Thrifty Brides

wedding invitation templates freeFree Printable Wedding Invitations for Couples

Getting married is exciting and a bit stressful at the same time.
Amidst all the love, family and excitement, couples are nearly always concerned about wedding costs.

Spend too much on the ceremony and you may not be able to take that dream honeymoon that you’ve always wanted.

You also don’t want to get your marriage off on the wrong foot by being in debt for a wedding. One expense relating to your wedding could be the invitations.

You may not think that they’re that much,  when you look at the per invitation cost. However, invitations for a wedding with 100 guests are not free, (have a look at this company and compare prices), depending on the type of invitation you get.

This could be expensive for something that may get tossed aside with the rest of the mail.

Although, you still do need a way to invite your guests to your ceremony, whether you buy them made online or do-it-yourself with our custom tools.

At, we have a number of free printable invitations for you to choose from, including wedding invitations.

Fun and Modern Free Printable Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations aren’t your humdrum invitations with white backgrounds and gold or silver lettering. No, these are designed for couples who love to keep things informal and fun.

Although some couples may want the traditional ceremony with all the trappings and sophistication you’d expect for such an occasion, many more couples are opting for ceremonies that aren’t quite so stuffy.

If you’re one of those couples, take a look at our free printable wedding invitations. There are many different styles to choose from — some with couples on the front while others focus on the bride.

Still others focus on the wedding rings, hearts and other symbols commonly associated with weddings. All are unique designs that you can completely customize to your liking before printing out.

Print Wedding Invitation Templates Free Right Now

Perhaps you’ve waited a bit too long to go to the printers, and you need some wedding invitation templates free right now. We’ve got you covered! All it takes is a few clicks, and you can customize and print an invitation with all of your ceremony details.

You can either use our customization tool  to personalize the invitation or hand write the details after you’ve printed the cards out. Handwriting them is coming back into fashion.

If you’re in such a hurry that you don’t even have time to mail them, you can save these designs to your computer to send via email or share on social media networks like Facebook. Because you can personalize and customize these invitations to make them all your own, no one else will have an invitation quite like yours!

That’s certainly something to be proud of since you’ll be saving money and showing off your fun, playful side. Besides, you’ll have a few hundred extra dollars to spend on your honeymoon thanks to all the money you’ve saved by printing free invitations. That’s something to celebrate!


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