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Learn About Our Senses With These 5 Fun Worksheets

the senses worksheetWhat Are The Human Senses?

Learning about the senses is something that children begin to learn around preschool age. However, the age they have this information mastered tends to vary.

This is due to the fact that all kids learn at different rates. But it also depends on their study habits and what they are doing to reinforce the information they have learned.

For instance, printable worksheets can be an excellent tool to help students of all ages learn about the senses.

With that in mind, here are some customizable worksheets that were created with this exact purpose in mind.

Sense of Touch Worksheets

Each of these worksheets deals with the sense of touch:

Learn the sense of taste and TouchLearn the Senses With This Describe The Objects Worksheet

If you are looking for a fun worksheet that will help teach students more about their sense of touch. This is an excellent one.

This actually teaches kids about both touch and taste by asking them to circle the word that is most accurate in terms of how each of the pictured objects feels or tastes.

Use this worksheet to introduce or reinforce facts associated with the sense of touch and taste.

Rough and Smooth objectsChoose The Rough Or Smooth Objects

On the other hand, this worksheet teaches children how to differentiate between rough and smooth objects.

By including a list of 10 varied items, students can either label each object an “R” for rough or an “S” for smooth.

This helps to reinforce things they’ve learned about touch by pondering on the differences between hard and soft items.

Taste & Smell Worksheets

On the other hand, each of these worksheets deals with either taste or smell.

Interesting FoodFree Printable Interesting Food Crossword Puzzle

This fun crossword allows kids to brush up on their reading, writing, and reasoning skills.

All while focusing on a subject they all love: food!

This fun yet challenging puzzle has a healthy theme that promotes the food pyramid and healthy eating.

Better yet, it helps them to tune up their taste buds by describing yummy tasting dishes of all kinds.

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Learn the sense of taste and TouchLearn Taste and Smell While Describing Objects

Next, you can use this enjoyable worksheet to help students learn to differentiate between touch and taste.

Encourage your students to explore the meaning of words such as “soft”, “smooth”, “sour”, and “salty”, with the help of this effective worksheet. 

This worksheet teaches kids about both touch and taste by asking them to choose a word that describes how each of the pictured objects smell or taste.

Sense of Sight Worksheet

Here is an entertaining worksheet that will help teach children about sight:

My sense of sightTest my Sense of Sight

This engaging worksheet teaches kids about sight.

This is done by having them identify and check off pictures of various types of objects and concepts.

This worksheet is great for reinforcing the importance of using your vision for students of all ages. 

Worksheets for Sound

Lastly, here is a worksheet that allows students to learn more about sound:

Phonics WorksheetFree Printable Phonics Worksheets

This amusing worksheet makes learning phonics fun.

Sparking creativity in students of all grade levels, this worksheet asks kids to list a series of words that rhyme with words such as “cat”, “bed”, “men”, and more.

Given this to students who may be learning about rhyming or those who need a refresher course. 

Printable Phonics Cue Cards

More Phonics Flash Cards To Choose From Here

Overall, learning about the senses does not have to be boring.

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With the help of these exciting worksheets, your students and homeschooled children will learn more about the senses while also having some fun in the process!

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