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Christmas Printables – How to Have the Most Fun this Christmas?

Christmas QuotesHave  Fun With Free Christmas Printables

Christmas is the happiest, merriest and most cheerful time of the year. It is celebrated by more than 2.5 billion people from all corners of the world!

Christmas is thought to be the birthday of Jesus Christ. However, it is not just a religious festival anymore – it is a widely accepted cultural event .

Christmas is so exciting that more than 81% of non-Christians in the USA partake in the celebrations.

Now, you can make the holidays a lot more fun through our fantastic range of FREE Christmas themed printables.

We have everything from FREE Christmas cards, coloring pages, invitations, worksheets and a lot more!

Christmas Coloring Pages

As the holidays approach, the prices on Christmas merchandise go through the roof!

It might not seem like much at first; however, the expenses do add up and you end up paying through your nose.

Coloring Pages Santa holding Tree
Christmas Coloring Sheets Santa
Winking Santa Coloring Page

Why pay for something that you can get for free? Also, malls and stores become unbelievably crowded right before the festival. You have to wait in long lines to pay for your shopping.

Why go through all this hassle when you can print an unlimited number of Christmas themed activity pages and cards without even stepping out of the house?

Christmas Coloring Sheets

Brick and mortar stores have a limited inventory. They stock goods from just one or two suppliers. This severely limits your choice and you have to pick up the ones that you dislike the least!

However, we have such a wide variety of printables that you and the kids will have a hard time time choosing what to print. Or you can just print them all!

Christmas Invitations – Planning A Christmas Party?

Do not spend ludicrous amounts of money on generic invitation cards. Instead, print free customizable cards on our website – just through a single click of your mouse.

Chances are, you are already very busy with all the Christmas preparations. You have to shop for gifts, cook mouthwatering delicacies, treat yourself to some alone time, plan and execute social gatherings etc.

Peace on Earth Christmas Card
Merry Christmas Santa Claus Christmas Card
Joy To The World Christmas Card

Time becomes a precious commodity during the holidays, so do not waste it on sifting through mediocre, overpriced printables at brick and mortar stores.

Download everything you need from our website – without spending a single cent. How convenient is that! Plus, you also get to save money on gas, parking and the actual printables too.

Happy Holidays Candy Crane Christmas Card

Free Printable Christmas Quotes

Use this extra cash to treat yourself to a brand new haircut or a relaxing massage.

Quotes About Christmas from Charlotte Carpenter
Christmas Quote from Garry Moore
Quotes About Christmas from Joan Mills

If you are a teacher or a parent, you are well aware that the tiny tots become a tad reluctant to study during the holidays.

The atmosphere is abuzz with the festive spirit and worksheets are the last thing on kids’ mind.

They are busy singing, dancing and frolicking. So what better way to get them to learn other than Christmas themed activity pages and coloring sheets?

It is said that you cannot teach a child anything unless he/she is curious about it.

Well, our printables blend learning with fun; they appeal to the natural curiosity of children.

Christmas Activities

Gingerbread Connect the Dots
Christmas Word Hunt
Santa Claus Color by Number Worksheet

Here Are Some Christmas Fun Facts

  • In Poland, spider webs are used as a decoration for Christmas trees. The Polish believe that a spider wove a web blanket for baby Jesus.
  • The legend of Santa Claus arose from a kind bishop, Saint Nicholas. He lived in the 4th century and was especially well known for his generosity and fondness of children. He became famous all across Europe and numerous churches were dedicated to him.
  • Every year, more than a staggering 3 billion Christmas cards are sent within the USA alone!

Teach your kids to color and customize their own cards instead of buying ready made ones at the store. Add that special, personal touch to cards!

Visit to uncover a treasure of free Christmas printables!

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Have a very merry Christmas!

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