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Free Teach Ordinal Numbers Worksheet for Kindergarten

Ordinal NumberTeach Numbers with Free Printable Worksheets

After you teach your students regular numbers (cardinal numbers), they’ll soon learn objects are spoken about as numbers in a series.

For example, you may often refer to the student who is first in line or second to raise their hand.

Both of these are examples of ordinal numbers.

Order of the ShapesFree Correct Ordinal Number Of The Object

The instructions read, “Look at the position of the objects that are arranged from left to right. Underline the correct ordinal number for the object inside the (parentheses)”

During game play children are always ranking who will be the winner. How many point did they get. How does it rank?

1st place of course instead of 1 place! This is what we call an ordinal number. Numbers that show the position of something with-in a group?

They can used it in written words or in number form with letters at the end. First (1st), Second, (2nd), Third (3rd), Fourth (4th), Fifth (5th) and so on are real life examples of ordinal numbers.

Engage kids with shapes and colors to help them learn. Then observe the order of the shapes from left to right and underline the correct ordinal number inside the brackets.

Ordinal NumberFree Printable Color the Ordinal Number Names

How to teach your children basic math while having fun at the same time.

At an early age kids start developing an understanding of numbers. This worksheet is perfect to practice recognizing the basic ordinal numbers using this fun ice cream design.

The secret math worksheet that is known as the “ice cream” worksheet is not just about teaching your kids basic math. It’s also a way for them to show their coloring skills while learning to recognize basic ordinal numbers.

If you’re not quite ready for this topic in your classroom yet, feel free to check out the other free printable worksheets we have to offer here at

We cover a wide range of subjects from preschool to mathematics.

The worksheets are designed with both fun and learning in mind, so they work best as a supplemental activity to your ordinary lessons or for fun homework assignments that they can complete with their parents at home.

Either way, these worksheets are short and to the point and shouldn’t take longer than 5-20 minutes in most cases.

Ordinal Numbers Kids WorksheetKids Worksheets for Learning Numbers

Our kids’ worksheets are some of the most popular downloads on because they’re fun tools to use to help students learn difficult and abstract concepts.

These concepts are broken down into small bite-sized chunks to make the information easier to digest.

Take, for example, the concept of large and small. From a child’s perspective, both of those words can mean very different things.

Using our worksheets, though, the difference between large and small objects is clear, making it easy for students to distinguish between the two characteristics.

Even though some concepts may seem insignificant right now, they’re helping build a foundation upon which all other learning is going to take place.

What a fantastic time to be a teacher to mold these young minds to prepare them for a lifetime of learning!

Ordinal Numbers Worksheet for Young Children

When should you teach ordinal numbers? Again, these are learned after the cardinal numbers are mastered, but the concept can be taught at a very young age.

After all, at this point in their lives, they have often heard words such as first, second and third.

Using these simple pictures, students can easily identify which items come first, third and fourth.

The drawings are small and simple, using objects students will think are fun, such as strawberries, cars, candy and suns.

You can print them in black and white if needed, but if resources allow, print them in color to engage the student’s senses.

After they’ve completed the ordinal numbers worksheet, line up objects in your classroom to allow them to practice in a real life scenario.

Good objects to use include pencils, crayons, pieces of paper, backpacks, desks, and the students themselves.

They’ll particularly enjoy becoming the objects, as it gives them an opportunity to move around in a structured way.

Be careful, though, you may stir up so much excitement about numbers that the students won’t be able to contain themselves.

Practice is key to mastery of concepts like these, so there are other ordinal numbers worksheets for ordinal numbers that you may find useful here and here.

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