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Learn to Count Change with Free Printable Money Worksheets

free printable money worksheetsFree Printable – Counting The Change – Money Worksheets

Teaching children to count change and paper money is such a vital skill.

Kids need a good foundation in money counting because it provides the groundwork for everything else they’ll learn about handling money and finances in the future.

If it sounds like a big responsibility to teach children about counting money, it is.

However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. At, we have a number of great resources to help you in the classroom.

You can also use our free printable worksheets to send home as supplemental materials to what you teach in your class.

Involving the parents is a wonderful way to ensure your students get plenty of opportunities to practice the skills that you teach them. You can either print the worksheets or save them to your computer to upload to a folder that you share with the parents of your students.

This way, the parents can print the sheets at home and send them back in with the students for grading.

Get Familiar With The Coins

Kids need to be able to identify the currency that they are counting in. They need to know what they are.

For example they need to know what a quarter is? Also a Nickel, a Dime and a Penny. And how much each coin is worth.

Practice Counting Change with Free Printable Money Worksheets

Rather than dollar bills, change is one of the first money concepts that children learn about. After all, many of your students probably have piggy banks at home that are filled with change of different types.

Although there are more exotic coins like half dollars, gold dollars and more, those should not be used when children are first learning to count coins. Instead, use the basic coins like the penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

These four coins are all a child needs to learn how to count change. Young children will need to be carefully monitored if using real change. If you don’t have a teaching aid, you may want to consider larger toy coins to prevent swallowing.

You can also use our worksheets to create your own paper coins. Just print out the free printable money worksheets you like and cut out the coins. They’re already printed in color and look very realistic!

Practice Counting Coins

Free Printable Money Worksheets are the Best Way to Count Change

What’s so great about our counting the change worksheet? Lots of things, actually! First, you don’t have to worry about your students swallowing any coins — a true danger if you plan on using the real things.

Second, all of the images look just like the real thing. No cartoon drawings of coins here, just real, actual images of the coins that your students will use most frequently during their lifetimes.

Third, the images are clear, large and bold so that there’s no mistaking which coin is which. Even if you have to print the sheets in black and white to save on color ink, there’s no mistaking that a dime is a dime and a penny is a penny.

Those two are often confused by students because they’re so close in size. We have many different change worksheets available, though, so make use of them all to ensure that your students get all the practice they need to grasp this important skill.

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