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Our Planet and the Solar System – Activity Worksheets

Space TimetableAstronauts and Astronomers in Training

Learning about planetary objects in our solar system is an important part of the educational process.

Nevertheless, teaching young kids how to remember and recite proper nouns can be an arduous task. I’m sure they would much rather be playing Astronauts.

If you are looking for fun, informative worksheets to help teach children about our planet and the rest of the solar system, here is a list of 7 planet worksheets that were created to do just that.

Best of all, they’re all customizable.

Crafts & Activities

Plenty of activity worksheet to be found with space and the solar system as a theme. Have a look below.

planet cut-outPlanets Cut-Out Activity Worksheet

This is a great planets worksheet to help kids learn the aesthetics of all of the planets.

It allows students to sharpen their cutting skills and can be used to create new projects or to simply study how the planets look and learn their names.

Either way, this is certainly a fun way to learn about the solar system.

About the plants crossword puzzleCrossword Puzzle About Planets In The Solar System

If you have students who love crossword puzzles but may be struggling to remember the names of the planets, this printable worksheet is perfect.

Although it will challenge your students to recall the names, it is still simple enough for most students to complete in a short period of time.

Planet Coloring Pages

Something for every body. We have coloring pages about the space around us, the planets and our solar system. More below.

Coloring SaturnFree Coloring Saturn Worksheet

Take some time to focus on Saturn and its beautiful rings with this special coloring worksheet.

It features a bold, bright picture of Saturn that will encourage your students to be creative while also sharpening their ability to color and create.

This is a great activity for students of all ages as coloring can help reduce stress and promotes innovation.

Color 6 GlobesColor The Six Globes In This Coloring Page

Help your students learn about the different parts of the world using these coloring sheets.

These sheets show all the parts of the world from six different angles, making it a great collection of worksheets to help children develop an advanced understanding of the earth and how everything is positioned.

This is an ideal worksheet to use when you are trying to reinforce knowledge about the shapes, sizes, and positions of the continents.

color the earthFree Earth Day Coloring Page

If you are teaching your students about our earth, this printable worksheet is perfect.

It allows students to color each continent as well as all of the oceans, in any way they wish.

This is a great way to teach students more about the earth, oceans, and continents, how they are shaped, and where they are located on the map.

Printable Worksheets

Something for the older students to learn more about the world around us. See it below.

Earth parts worksheetLearn Parts Of The Earth Worksheet

If you have students who are learning about the various parts of the earth, this worksheet is a perfect teaching tool.

It comes complete with a word bank and allows students to label each layer of the earth.

This is an easy, excellent worksheet to use for students who are still learning about the earth and its various layers.

name the Planets info-graphicFree Name The Planets Infographic

This is an exciting worksheet for more advanced students. It allows them to make their own infographic by labeling the various planets.

Students will enjoy creating this infographic, which they can refer to later to reinforce the things they’ve learned.


If you are seeking fun worksheets for children of all ages, these solar system worksheets are perfect.

This series of worksheets can be used by students of all ages to help them learn about the solar system and planets and reinforce things they have already learned.

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