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What Color is it? Teach Kids About Color and Colored Objects

Yellow Objects Coloring PageFree Printable Yellow Objects Coloring Page

When you learn about color you find out it’s merely the aspect of things. Color is caused by the differing qualities of light being reflected by the object. 

Our eyes only see the colors that have first bounced or reflected off the object.

Color it! The Correct Color

Teaching kids about color is most effective when it’s done in a playful manner. Most kids learn while having fun in an activity. We can teach color to children this way also.

They will recall the things they learned because they had fun. As they learn to identify colors they can sort and classify it as well.

Free - Only Color Red Objects - Worksheet Handout For Preschool KidsColor Red Objects For Preschool Kids

Coloring handouts exercise for kids at Preschool. The worksheet encourages students to color each object RED.

Improve their hand-eye coordination as the they learn to color within a particular area. For example, only color the red part.

Coloring activities enhance practice sessions and heighten awareness of the primary colors.

Let's Color it!Free Printable Let’s Color it!

Let’s color the objects the correct color.

Read the color written on the coloring page.

Then get your students to use the right crayon to color it correctly. They can color the different objects.

The “Blue” whale and the “Red” apple are all great example to define different colors. Lemon represents the color “Yellow” and “Black” for the school shoes.

And of course the “Green” backpack.

Same Color Object WorksheetFree Printable Same Color Object Worksheet

  • Printable (color the same objects)

Coloring the Same Color Object with this Coloring Page style Worksheet for Kids

Improve their creativity and self esteem in completing this “Same Color” Kids Worksheet.

You will love spending quality quiet time with your kids while they complete the activities.  It also allows a child to relax and be comfortable while creating a piece of art. 

Color the Same Object - Identifying The Same Color With This Coloring Page For Kids WorksheetMore Color the Same Objects Worksheet

Colors give light to our lives. It lets kids appreciate, learn and enjoy the wonderful things in life

To help them identify which objects have similar colors, parents can use toys and objects that are around the house.

Some parents use a colorful food platter to help kids first recognize colors.

In this worksheet there are five sets of objects. Kids are tasked to color in the objects the same color. In every set there are two objects that has the same color.

Kids would have to color in the two objects that have the same color. For example in number one the objects are a start, a leaf and sun. 

The color of the leaf is green, while the color of the star and sun are both yellow. Kids should color the star and sun both yellow and leave the leaf uncolored.

Color it! RedFree Printable “Color It” Red Worksheet

Some colors kids should be familiar at an early age.

Examples of this is when we use the color red. Red is used in “danger” signs or “stop” signs. At least they are conscious of their surroundings.

Learning about colors can help kids learn to sort objects. Identifying which objects have the same color.

Printable (Blue) crossword:

Blue Crossword PuzzlesFree Printable Blue Crossword Puzzles

Teaching color is most effective when done in a playful way. Most kids learn while having fun in an activity.

They will recall the things they learned because they had fun. As they learn to identify colors they can sort and classify them as well.

This is a “Blue” printable crossword puzzle. Great activity for you and your kids.

Simply read the across and down phrases and fill in the squares in the grid above.

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