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On a rainy day are your children bored, looking for simple, fun activities? Perhaps you are looking for activities to boost a classroom lesson. Teachers and parents spend enormous amounts of money on workbooks and curriculum guides each year. Often teachers pay for these activities out of their own pockets. There are many categories and subcategories to choose from to enhance many learning activities. Parents, teachers and children will be delighted at the thousands of free printable activities here. Incorporating these activities will enrich the classroom as well as add extra educational opportunities.


Customize them so that your children aren't bored! You can edit these free printable activities to fit any needs of adults and kids. We offer a whole ton of them, so be sure to browse through the list to find the best one.

By: Jenny Printable

Here you will find a huge variety of printable templates to complement a large range of lessons, or just enjoy them by coloring or decorating the images. There are numerous ways to customize any template we offer. You can add text or images to the templates as well as cropping, flipping or rotating the file. Once you choose the design you will see a “print now” button and a “customize” button. Once you choose the customize button, options are displayed to customize your selection before printing or saving to your computer. The options of what can be created using our templates are only limited by your imagination. Providing high quality activities for your child's enrichment and enjoyment has never been easier, and it's completely free to access and use all of the customizable printable activities found on this site.

There are also a variety of ways to share all of the printable activities found here. You can print, email or share using social media. This is a perfect option for home school co-ops as well as playgroups and classrooms. Sharing templates has never been easier using Facebook, Google, Pinterest and others. There are also many other printable worksheets, cards, coupons and calendars available here. All are completely customizable, as well as completely free, and ready to share with your family, friends and students.
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