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Create lesson plans for your classroom today! Learning can be easy and fun with an assortment of personalized and free lesson plans. We even offer already made lessons and worksheets that you can simply print out and distribute to your students.


Whether its for preschoolers, kindergarteners or just kids of all ages, we have every educational resource needed to help your children or students succeed. We strive to offer the best lesson plans on the internet and do it exclusively for you, for free. 


If you are in need of a specific worksheet that we currently do not offer, please don't hesitate to reach out to us so that we can make you a custom made printable!

Phonics Flash Cards
Free Phonics Flash Cards
Lean to read using flash cards for sound memory

By: Jenny Printable

As a teacher or even as a parent who home schools their children, having lesson plans available to you is an absolute must. Not only can we save you time from having to create your own, we also save you money from having to purchase from school supply shops.

Our fun and educational lesson plans are completely customize-able to suit your specific needs. We offer a huge selection in many subject areas for all age groups.

Stop stressing over getting your lesson plans and worksheets designed. Our pre-made content is ideal to share with your students. All you have to do is find the subject matter you're covering, pick out which sheets appeal to you and print out as many as you need.

We give you the option of customizing our worksheets right on our website. No need to download the files to work on them. Simply add your tweaks and then print our lesson plans right from our site.

We also offer a wide of other printable content as well. We have game printouts, activities, printable coupons and calendars. Our calendar selections are blank, weekly, monthly and daily. They come in a wide range of styles and patterns so you're sure to find something that suits your needs and appeals to you.

Our printable game sheets come in a nice variety of crossword puzzles and word search puzzles. These are great items to keep a kid's mind learning and growing. 

It doesn't stop there, we also have free music sheets and craft projects. Once your students have completed the free lesson plans they need some time to work on their creative side too. This breaks a long day into fun segments. 

Our printable coloring sheets are a great option for indoor activities, especially if the weather is bad and they're stuck inside for recess. We have all kinds of animals, people and objects you can print out and have available any time you need them.

Help spark your kids imagination with all we have to offer you and your students with our lesson plans and other printable materials.
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