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If you love crossword puzzles, you have to check out our free printable games! In addition, we offer word searches amongst other free printable games. Have a blast exercising your mind with our huge list of games to choose from and to bring along wherever you go.


Games are a great way to keep your mind active and your students engaged. Sometimes there isn't enough time in a school day to allow for online game play, but there is always time for a game handout. Whether a public school teacher or a homeschool teacher, handouts come in handy. Need to leave something for the substitute? Need something fun to reinforce what has already been learned? The answer is free printable games and this is the place.

By: Jenny Printable

Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches and other Free Printable Games

While there are plenty of online games that challenge the mind, sometimes the mind needs a break from all things visual, that's when free printable games come into play. Crossword and word search puzzles can provide this break and still be fun to do. Get pre-printed games for anything from Science to History or just something fun like sports. You can also use the customization tool to create your own group of free printable games. From first grade through twelfth grade, these puzzles can provide what any teacher could need. These games can also be saved to your computer for later use.

Choose from our Free Printable Games, print one out, and then start playing

Are you studying a certain unit in Science? With the customization tool, you use the words that are relevant to your lesson and they will be put into the game. Need to change the words for the next week? No problem, each puzzle is fully customizable and there is no limit on how many times you can use it. There are thousands of possibilities and endless options and you can take advantage of them with the free printable games that are offered. Add pictures to your game with the add picture tool. Use your own picture or use one of the ones already available. Choose how your game looks by using the text tool. Change the font and the color of the words and clues on each game.

Teachers are extremely busy people and we are here to help to make things a little easier. Check out all of the free printable crossword puzzles that we have to offer, and all the other fun and engaging free printable games as well! 
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