Butterfly Coloring Pages

Are you a fan of butterflies? Look no further than right here! We offer some of the cutest butterfly coloring pages on the internet. Not only can you just print them out, you can also personalize them before even getting to the coloring festivities! We offer a bunch of different customizable tools and resources for you to take advantage of for free before printing out your masterpiece. Take a look around and find your favorite printable and get to customizing! 

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By: Jenny Printable

Check out our printable butterfly coloring pages below. The sheets can be used to teach children about nature, colors and shapes or even as templates for customized worksheets. You have the ability to design each of the three sheets on this page to meet your needs. Our butterfly images include a general outline template that can have additional text and images added to it along with a landscape image that can be drawn on by a child. Finally, a third page is a detailed butterfly image that can be used to help children learn about colors and a particular butterfly species.


You have the ability to print each of the butterfly sheets right from our website or to download them to your computer for use at a later time. The images can also be shared on social media including Google Plus, Pinterest or Facebook. Finally, the sheets can be emailed directly from the page to share your customized image with a friend, fellow teacher or parent.


All of our butterfly coloring pages are fun to work with. Customization options are endless and include the ability to add text and images to each page. The text can be added in different colors, sizes and fonts allowing direct personalization by you. Other images can be added to the document to further customize your sheet. The butterfly images can be moved and adjusted on the page, making room for any items you might add to the page. Each image is a unique creation by you.


The printable butterfly coloring pages are a great resource for teachers and parents. From learning about butterflies to identifying colors and shapes, we offer creative education tools for children. They can be used in the classroom for educating kids on a wide range of subjects or for a fun afternoon at home.

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