Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a type of temporary tattoo. They are very popular with women because they can create beautiful patterns across the arms, face, legs, or other body parts, and yet because the tattoos are only temporary, they can be enjoyed many times in different ways. They usually last about two weeks before fading, although they can last longer or shorter depending on how well they are maintained. One reason Henna tattoos are so popular is because they look so unique. They give a form of body art which any woman can take advantage of to add a little temporary style to their look. Pick and choose one from our list! 

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History of Henna Tattoos to Today


These tattoos have been used to make women look beautiful for thousands of years. These temporary markings are made from the henna plant, which has been grown for this since ancient times. The leaves are crushed to make a dye, and then mixed with acidic oil and applied to the skin. There are references to henna dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and 5th century India. In many parts of the world, they are a traditional tattoo for women as part of weddings and other ceremonies.


Henna tattoos have recently surged in popularity in the United States. Women like that they are a temporary tattoo, and also are drawn to the many intricate patterns, which can be made using the henna stains.


How to Apply and Maintain Henna Tattoos


For a few days before applying the tattoo, bathe the area in lotion to keep it moist. Henna tattoos last longer if the skin is not dried out. Then, right before getting the tattoo, wash whichever body part will be getting it to remove any make-up, lotion, or oil. The henna has a type of compound called laws one, which creates a burgundy stain when it binds to the protein in skin. To make the best patterns, the henna is often sold and applied as a powder, which can be shaped to make its famous designs. The henna will eventually fall off, revealing the pattern below. The design should last about three weeks, depending on where it is located. To make it last longer, keep it out of water.

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