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Every parent of a small child will tell you that programs such as SpongeBob do a lot to teach children some of the basic learning skills they need to know. Not only are they familiarized with letters of the alphabet; they learn to count and recognize a number of colors. We have yet to meet the child that has not enjoyed coloring. Crayons and books to color in have been the mainstay of children's activities for years. While the child is adding vibrant color to the character of their choice, they are also subjected to learning names of colors; perhaps the number of characters on a page; or the letter that the characters name begins with. All of this material will prepare a child with the basic skills required to begin their schooling. 

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By: Jenny Printable

For those who may not know, SpongeBob is an animated character that lives on the ocean floor. He is a colorful fellow with vibrant shades of color making up his costume. The SpongeBob coloring pages that we use are just one adaption of the ways we choose to make learning fun.


When looking at the attire of animated characters such as this one; including yellow, red, blue, and brown; your child is being introduced to four of the primary colors. The fact that all of these pages are printable places the sheet within close proximity to the child that can be guided by the parent or allowed to adorn the page on their own.


SpongeBob coloring pages are only one small example of what can be found here and used as a fun guide for teaching any child. Other pages can be printed that are expressly designated for the purpose of learning to count and recognize small groupings. Others are designed specifically for letter recognition and the sound they make when spoken.


Access to printable SpongeBob coloring pages is easy and as much fun for the parent as the child. Not only does your child stay amused, they are also learning at the same time. Come back to our site again and again and be amazed at the vast number of things you have to choose from.

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