Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

The holidays are a time when many families and friends get together and celebrate! Thanksgiving is definitely one of these holiday occasions. With many children, both young and older, running around the house, things can become pretty chaotic quickly. However, giving them toys, games and Thanksgiving coloring pages can be a great way to have some quiet fun with one another.

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By: Jenny Printable

Unfortunately, holiday themed coloring books can be challenging to find in stores. Parents and grandparents scour the isles and bins looking for various things to keep young children entertained while the adults sip their coffee and socialize.


We offer many printable Thanksgiving coloring pages, puzzles and games that will entertain anyone! Children love the graphic pictures of turkeys, fall leaves, pumpkins, pilgrims, and other Thanksgiving images. These pages can easily be printed out for free at a person's home computer.


Not only can parents print out the free Thanksgiving coloring pages, they can customize them, too. Each printable features many unique options to personalize and customize items. For example, text can be added to any picture before printing. The words can be added in any size font and in any color. Many people love adding the family's last name on to large Thanksgiving coloring pages. Then, they are printed out, colored by the children, and hung in the living or dining room. Since Thanksgiving dinner can be a formal occasion, parents can also add guest's names to smaller versions of the pictures and then printed out. These can be colored and used as seating cards.


When planning a holiday with friends and family, it's important to enjoy the moments together. Children will love sitting down with their grandparents and cousins to create beautiful pieces of art that will be seen each holiday. Printable coloring pages are excellent ways to have inexpensive fun at home!




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