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Animals are not only fun to play with in real life, but also on paper! Allow your kids to color in the lines with our free and fun animal coloring pages. We offer a wide range of different pages so that you can choose your favorite. Let your students or children customize all of our pages by utilizing our tools located on the customize page. It's extremely easy to use and it will provide them with hours of fun on end. 

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By: Jenny Printable

A recent visit to the city zoo has inspired your kids to want to learn more about their favorite animals. Now your students and children can color and customize their favorite animals to share with friends and family with printable animal coloring pages.


There are several to choose from to help kids learn to color in the lines, while at the same time having fun. From the sweet, but sad, giraffe to the intricate koi fish, there are pages for every level of inspiring artist.


The kids can create multiple animal coloring pages with the selection of popular animals and color them in a variety of color themes. Each animal coloring page can be easily customized by clicking on the animal they wish to color and then clicking on the customize tab to access the tools located below the picture of the animal.


Once in the customizing toolbox, the kids can add text, rotate, or crop the page. There is even the ability to add an image to the page. Images can either be a photo or a clip art image to create a unique background for the page. These great tools allow these coloring pages to be customized to the extreme and for multiple versions to be created from the same page.


The fun continues for the kids with the ability to decide which designed coloring page they would like to print out. Sharing these printable pages with friends and family is easy through social media or email. The special share tab provides a large list of several ways to share. The pages can also be saved to file and printed out later. With so many options for these fun and friendly animal pages, your kids will be entertained for hours.

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