Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are a great way for people to honor their Native bloodlines; they also are very ornate designs. Tattoos are usually meant for a purpose like honoring a loved one that has passed away, as a sign of reconnecting with native roots, or to symbolize an important life event. Online tattoo prints offer many different ways to customize tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos can be enlarged, shrunk, trimmed, mixed, switched around, and added to until the perfect one is created for that special meaning. Men and women both love tribal art and the design possibilities are endless.

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By: Jenny Printable

Tribal tattoos that fit women perfectly


There are several different ways that a woman can soften a tribal tattoo and make it her own. One of the best and easiest ways to customize a tattoo is with flowers. Flowers can soften any design or add a touch of feminine flair to a tattoo. Tattoos for women can often seem bulky or plain but customizing a piece of tribal art with favorite items like shamrocks, hearts, butterflies, and flowers can soften the art and make it unique to each individual. Customizing printable designs offers many possibilities that can make any design personal and appealing. Tattoos for women can be a sign of feminine strength, love, happiness, and devotion. Initials are also a great way to customize tattoos for women. Putting the first letter of each child in a star or heart is a great way to personalize a tattoo with children's initials.


Beautiful tribal tattoos are a great way to honor heritage


Gorgeous tribal work with intricate details and custom designs are a sign of a person's life. Struggles often make a person stronger and one of the best ways to symbolize that strength is with an awesome tribal tattoo. Tattoos can tell a story or represent where a person has come from. Using a custom tattoo has been known to show what tribe a person belonged to or what line of heritage they were born in. For centuries, tribal art was a sign of belonging, unity, and home. Tribal tattoos can still be used to show where a person was born. For instance, a person from France might get a tattoo that has grapevines as the main tribal design and then it can be decorated with a fleur de lis. Tattoos can be customized many different ways to symbolize anything and everything.

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