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Tattoos are an excellent way to express oneself. Over the course of human history, billions of tattoos have been drawn, some are cool tattoos, and some are not as cool. Some celebrities, like Chris "The Birdman" Andersen bring tattoos to the forefront of the media, appearing on national television with more ink than uncolored skin. Everyday people have tattoos, some visible and some secret, that were drawn intentionally to represent a person, place, or thing permanently. Many people get tattoos to remind themselves of a current or lost loved one, or of a specific event in time that is never to be forgotten. Sort through all of our tattoos today! 

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By: Jenny Printable

Cool Tattoos to Commemorate Life


Whether it is a current or former love interest, the birth of a child, or a deceased relative or parent, there are many cool tattoos that people can get to ensure that an important person will not be forgotten. There are many different options regarding tattoos for men and tattoos for women, including elaborate colorful works and tiny black and white designs that will never see the light of day. Imagine the difference between a coworker and friend with giant, colorful designs all over their forearm versus a quiet coworker with small black and white initials hidden by clothing. There is a very wide spectrum of available designs. Nevertheless, many people choose to celebrate love or the life of someone important to them through getting a tattoo.



The Cost of a Cool Tattoo


In most cases, tattoos are not a cheap endeavor. Between the cost of materials, keeping a facility running and clean, and hiring qualified professionals, there are a lot of ways to easily spend money on tattoos. Many large, colorful tattoos exceed five hundred or even one thousand dollars when all is said and done. Not only that, but elaborate, cool tattoos can take a great deal of time to draw. The designs on paper can take hours of careful drawing before even transcribing them to human skin. When all is said and done, a cool tattoo can be expensive, but can be viewed as a fashion statement or to celebrate the life of another person. Tattoos are wildly popular in present day society and even have television shows dedicated to the artists behind them.

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