Halloween Coloring Pages

Clear, kid-appealing Halloween coloring pages provide hours of fun! Printable Halloween coloring pages are to be used in the home or in school. These pages can provide activities to enhance home-schooling, classroom activities or just entertain your child at home. Your students and children can be introduced to the basic concepts of colors and to the traditions of Halloween with these printable Halloween coloring pages while enjoying a relaxed, child-friendly learning environment. 

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By: Jenny Printable

Halloween coloring pages can be used to familiarize children with different aspects of Halloween from witches and ghosts to costumes and tick-or-treating! And, as your students or children work on their favorite page, they also will learn fine motor control as they work harder and more intently to stay within the lines of the pictures.


They learn color comparisons and color families as they place one color next to another and discern each color’s values, hues, tones, even complementary colors.

These free Halloween coloring pages can be customized or personalized easily right on our website, then saved directly to your computer or printed. After printing, your child can color them and then you can scan and upload to send to family and friends or even upload to your social sharing site.


Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, can now share in the delight of your student or children's artwork. Our printable coloring pages can be customized, saved and forwarded to your favorite niece, nephew or grandchild. The miles between families and friends magically shorten to the length of your living room or den. Thus begins a delightful exchange between child and family. Free coloring pages let your students or children develop pride and positive self-esteem in their ability to creatively express themselves. Family and friends’ positive responses to the child’s displayed work will reinforce that self-esteem.

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