Subtraction Worksheets

Help your students by providing them with these subtraction worksheets. This will allow them to learn a life long lesson that is vital to living in the real world. All of the printables within this section focuses on subctraction and learning how to subtract numbers from each other. Our subtraction worksheets are themed for different holidays and are perfect resources for children to hold onto during their time in preschool. Fully personalize any of our subtraction worksheets below and then print them out for your students. 

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By: Jenny Printable

Teach your kids how to subtract with our Subtraction Worksheets


Once they’ve begun to understand addition and can easily work the problems, it’s time to start teaching subtraction. Take a look at our printable subtraction worksheets and print them out for your use. Our worksheets go from basic subtraction, using pictures or single-digit numbers, all the way up to multiple-digit numbers. Find subtraction worksheets that can be worked with or without borrowing.


Whether you’re a parent giving your child additional practice, a homeschooling parent or a teacher looking for additional material, we have what you need. If your kids are just beginning to learn how to subtract, our basic subtraction worksheets have fun pictures rather than numbers. These pictures allow them to learn by counting the pictures in each problem as they learn how to take away from the total number of objects. Show them how to write out simple subtraction equations on the printed lines.


Once your kids have moved past the picture subtraction problems, they’ll be ready for number equations. Move up to the next level with our subtraction worksheets and show them how to solve these problems. For kids working on more advanced subtraction concepts, mixed subtraction problems will give them the practice they need.


We offer Subtraction Worksheets for all ages, shapes and sizes


Even your older kids can benefit from our printable subtraction worksheets. The bigger numbers give you more material to teach them how to subtract two, three and four-digit numbers with and without borrowing. Some of the problems will require your kids to borrow across zeros while others won’t.


Make your work easier to do as you check their answers. Print out the answer key so you can see how many they got right. The answer key also helps you figure out where they need additional help so they learn to do all kinds of subtraction work. Answer keys are included as separate links so you don’t have to print them out if you don’t need them. Be sure to check out our other printable math worksheets as well. 



Print Some of These Free Subtraction Pages Today


The free printable subtraction worksheets that we carry here at Free Printable Online are great to use either in the classroom or at home for your homeschooling lessons. We have a good sized collection of these sheets from which you can choose, or you can print all of them out. After all, we do offer these to you completely free of charge!


Many children do not like to do subtraction problems and other math work. However, you can make it a bit more interesting for them with our free subtraction worksheets. Gather a whole bunch of them today to use now and hold on to for the future, as well.


You can’t go wrong when you get subtraction worksheets from Free Printable Online. These pages will serve you well when it comes to helping your children or students learn and practice subtracting numbers.


Our Free Printable Subtraction Worksheets Are Helpful for Kids


It is always a good idea to have a ready supply of math worksheets and other types of lesson pages on hand, whether you are a teacher or a parent. We want you to have great success with teaching your kids or students with these subtraction pages. That is why we have made them free for you to print.


It does not matter whether you are a parent who homeschools, a teacher in a traditional setting, or a parent who is giving some extra practice materials to children while they are at home. It does not have to be stressful to work on subtraction problems. Give the kids plenty of encouragement and be as patient as possible, and you will see them improve greatly.


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